Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Top 5 Home Energy Saving Devices

With energy prices going up everywhere, it’s becoming more and more important to save wherever you can. This is of course important to those who are conscious about their emissions too. There are actually quite a few different devices that you can use that will help to save the amount of energy you use in your home, and it won’t be long before they pay for themselves. You can get this kind of thing from Energenie 4 U. Here are five of the best items you can buy:

  • Power Meter. A power meter is a great device to use if you’re not completely sure how much electricity your items are using. It has a display which will tell you how much power anything is using when you plug it in. You can then work out how long you should use appliances for, and how much they are costing you if you leave them plugged in. You might find that you want to get rid of some appliances completely, or update to a more efficient model. 
  • Rundown Timer. This power adaptor will ensure that you don’t leave things draining energy when they aren’t in use. After a set amount of time, usually 30 minutes, it will power down and ensure that anything connected to it will shut off. This is also potentially useful as a safety device when using things like hair straighteners, which can be a fire hazard if left on for a long period of time. 
  • PC Automatic Standby Shutdown. This clever unit can be set to identify the main item on an extension cable. When this is turned off, all of the other sockets will cease to supply electricity too. This is particularly useful when you’ve got a computer that works with a variety of peripherals such as speakers and a printer. The whole system will shut down with the use of just the computer power button. 
  • Smart Radiator Valves. Everyone knows that they can change the settings on their radiators, and set the heating on a timer, but heat can still be wasted. Smart radiator valves help to cut down on excess by allowing you to fine-tune your heating. Not only will you be able to choose when the central heating comes on, you’ll also be able to choose where the heat is focused, rather than heating the whole house unnecessarily. They often come with a remote control to make things even easier. 
  • Automatic Standby Shutdown. Similar to the PC version, this one detects when any device has been left in standby mode. It will cut the power to any devices that have done this, as they can continue to use a considerable amount of power while in this mode. The life of the appliance can also be extended by using a device such as this. Should you need a socket to stay constantly engaged, such as with a TV recording box, you can specify this.

Friday, 28 December 2012

How to Rent a Macbook

If you need a computer for work or personal projects but can’t afford to buy one, why not consider renting? Renting a laptop or computer can be an affordable alternative to buying one and is a great short or long term solution for those who require their own computer.
The best thing about renting a computer is not being responsible for its upkeep, short of taking care of it as you would your own. The rental company will ultimately be liable for all repairs, providing you with a new computer if yours develops a fault, and upgrading hardware and software if needed.

The Benefits of Renting a Macbook

Macbooks are usually amongst the most expensive of computers, since they usually feature the very latest technology and software. Their sleek design makes them highly desirable, and many new businesses now prefer to use them for their day-to-day operations. For new and growing businesses, choosing to rent a Macbook can be a wise decision due to the alleviated costs of outfitting a business with new computers and then having to pay to install software on them and keep them maintained. When you rent a Macbook you can be assured of your computer not becoming obsolete as when it does you can simply trade it in for a different model.

How to Rent a Macbook

To be assured of getting the best computer possible, you’ll need to find a company which not only deals in renting Macbooks but which also offers a competitive customer service package. If you’re not that tech savvy it’s best to choose a company which also offers installation and after-sales care, as well as ongoing customer support and advice. If you live in the UK and are looking for Macbook rental London – click here for one of the best resources around at Universal Rentals. They offer all the above services and more, to make renting a Macbook as easy as renting a DVD.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

IT Support – What Can you Expect?

There are numerous companies out there offering various types of IT support, to businesses all over the UK. Whether you need IT support London Leeds or Liverpool, there will be a company that can help in your area.

However, it is not a necessity for an IT firm to be in your locale, as much work can be done remotely and advice given to your company via email and telephone.

It is important to know what you can expect from an IT support firm though, and the following services are widely available:

Business IT support
It is essential for businesses to have up to date and efficient IT systems in order to perform properly and compete with other companies in their sector. An IT support firm can ensure that your systems are working properly and help you remedy any problems that arise quickly and effectively.

Online backup
Having your files and data safely backed up is essential, and the best way to do that nowadays is with online backup. An IT support firm can set you up with safe online backup to keep your information secure and confidential.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

VoIP – Businesses make the move toward unified communications

The implications of the credit crunch have certainly reached far and wide and the contact centre industry has been amongst those impacted. Many will use VoIP and unified communications in order to try and make their operations as cost effective as possible.
Call centres are amongst the businesses that are prepared to be progressive despite the ongoing threat of recession in the UK and many are expected to invest in unified communications over the next 12 months. It is important to consider all the ways that technology can be of benefit to a contact centre and this is key to understanding why contact centres are prepared to invest in systems such as VoIP technology. VoIP stands for ‘voice over internet protocol’ and it is utilised within the telecommunications industry due to the many benefits it is capable of generating. It is these benefits, such as increased flexibility and reduced operational costs, which are the driving force behind why many contact centres are expected to seek out unified communications tools such as VoIP in 2009.
VoIP – Investment Opportunities
According to research released by solutions provider, Interactive Intelligence, as many as 87% of the contact centres they surveyed are planning to invest in unified communications technology such as VoIP software. This just goes to show the high regard this form of technology is held in and there are many applications for VoIP technology within the call centre environment. The reason for the anticipated uptake in VoIP and Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) technology is because of an increased awareness amongst contact centre managers of the benefits which can be achieved through the implementation of such technology.
VoIP – Looking at the Findings
VoIP technology is likely to become the cornerstone of much of call centre’s operations in 2009 and, according to the research from Interactive Intelligence, it was the retail, distribution and transport sector which held the most interest in VoIP technology with 100% of those surveyed saying they were contemplating a move towards unified communications. The credit crunch hasn’t had as much as an impact on those looking to integrate VoIP technology as many had expected. Over half of those surveyed revealed that they didn’t expect the credit crunch to have a bearing on the strategy to implement VoIP technology and unified communications. You can find Business broadband packages at Microcare-systems.co.uk plus other essential comms solutions.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Active 3D TVs Online

A good quality TV unit could help you make the most of your active 3D TVs online, by tidying away your technology, providing an effective viewing platform and effectively creating an attractive focal feature in your room.

Making the most of your audio visual equipment and entertainment centre can be difficult if you have limited space, an awkwardly shaped room or an abundance of technology. Whilst some people are tempting to mount their televisions on to walls to save space, it is not always the best option. A well designed TV unit could save you hassle and compartmentalise your electronics and make the most of your space for increased functionality and improved visual appeal.
Tidy Up Your Television
When you have all the latest TV and video equipment, you can end up with a lot of excess cables, wires and accessories that can leave your living room looking unkempt and messy. Interior designers and house proud homeowners prefer to place their AV equipment safely and securely into a TV unit. TV stands and AV furniture come in a range of sizes, styles and designs to fit different types of equipment in. From compartments to shelving, there are options to suit every household with a quality TV unit.
Pleasurable Viewing Position
When LCD and plasma television screens broke onto the market, some people were persuaded to mount their TVs on their living room walls. Whilst some people still actively choose to place their television this way, more and more people are choosing to purchase a TV unit that places their television in a more comfortable viewing position.
TV Unit: Designer Focal Feature
If you care about the interior design of your home, you will most likely be concerned with the appearance of your lounge. When most of your furniture faces the AV equipment, placing your television on a poorly constructed unit can stand out like an eye sore. Solid wood, glass or chrome stands can make an attractive TV unit to suit your current living room decor. Whether you prefer traditional wooden stands or contemporary cabinets, there is a TV unit to transform the look and appeal of your technology.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Breast Reduction for Famous Mums

Breast reduction is in demand for mums wanting to reclaim their figures, and celebrity mum, Ulrika Jonsson is leading the trend. To find out more visit http://mybreastreductionblog.wordpress.com/

Time was, if someone famous underwent plastic surgery, they tried to deny it or hide it. But in this day and age of media scrutiny, it's impossible for a celebrity to undergo a breast reduction without it being noticed. This might go some way in explaining why those that do opt for a breast reduction do so in a trail of intentional publicity. But it's also because breast reduction ops and other cosmetic procedures have become more normalized in our society. For mum Ulrika Jonsson, her breast reduction op was to address the size of her breasts which increased dramatically to a 34I cup after the birth of her fourth child.

Breast Reduction for Celebrity Mothers

A wave of celebrity mums have recently opted for a breast reduction operation – although all for very different reasons. Jordan had a very public breast reduction which was followed by fans of her reality TV show – although the op was after a series of breast enlargement procedures. Her quest to get the perfect body is extreme, but has certainly paid off for the former glamour girl who is now worth millions. Kerry Katona is another reality TV star who underwent a breast reduction operation on TV. Her reasons for a breast reduction was to create an overall slimmer frame – she also had liposuction and a tummy tuck. Improving body image is clearly closely tied up to self esteem and confidence – whether you are famous or not. But body image is crucial for the female celebrities whose fame is largely based on their looks. Ulrika Jonsson was famed for her blonde, Swedish looks as a weather girl – her looks were enough to launch a TV career, turning her into an established celebrity. And after years of child rearing, she has come forward saying the breast reduction is now a chance to do something for herself.

Breast Reduction: Transforming Figures

Many celebrities have a strict exercise and diet regime as they can afford personal trainers and nutritionists. But the fact so many opt for breast reduction or breast uplift procedures after childbirth demonstrates there are some things diet and exercise can't fix. And more mums who are fed up with slogging their guts out at the gym and still feeling unhappy with their body image are turning to cosmetic surgery to boost their self image. Breast feeding and pregnancy all take their toll on a woman's body – as Ulrika told the press on why she opted for a breast reduction, her chest looked like, “a couple of ping pong balls in bin liners.” Any woman who feels like that about her body can be transformed by a breast reduction or uplift.

Breast Reduction Boosts Self Esteem

Breast reduction procedures can play a huge part in improving the quality of many lives, boosting self esteem and improving posture. To find out more visit http://mcbreastreduction.com/

Breast reduction is a cosmetic procedure increasingly popular with women who long to improve their body image, as well as impact on their posture and overall well being. Breast reduction however isn't just about vanity – research by the Aesthetic Surgery Journal in America found that breast reduction operations do improve the lives of the women who opt for the procedure. The study found that out of the patients monitored, the majority felt better about the quality of their social lives and emotional well being.

Breast Reduction – More than Cosmetic

Women tend to commit to breast reduction procedures to improve their body image – and the results clearly go beyond the aesthetic but impact positively on psychological outlook too. The researchers in America found self esteem was dramatically boosted for women who opted for a breast reduction procedure. And the self esteem isn't just about looks – one of the main reasons women want a breast reduction is because too heavy breasts impact on their posture and cause back pain. A breast reduction can decrease back pain and help many women feel better inside and out. 

Breast Reduction Ops for Social Self Esteem

A breast reduction operation can transform how a woman feels – whether it's going shopping, wearing a dress for a party, or finding clothes that she feels comfortable in for work – it can feel like an impossible and depressing task when your chest is abnormally large. Research has found that as well as improving any physical pain over-sized breasts can cause, a breast reduction procedure will impact on how a woman feels in her relationships and sexual confidence. Feeling like a part of your body is ugly or abnormal will impact directly on your confidence and ability to have a trusting, open relationship. A breast reduction is not just about tackling unwanted breast weight, it's about fixing emotional states and mental well being too. Although critics are quick to dismiss cosmetic procedures such as breast reduction, there are many underlying psychological as well as physical reasons to choose the op.

Breast Reduction: A Weighty Issue

The increased demand for breast reduction can also be put down to the fact more women are facing up to weight problems. Doctors have reported a rise in teenagers seeking out breast reduction procedures as the obesity epidemic continues to hit America and Britain. Higher body weights are triggering puberty at younger ages, making body image an issue for girls as young as nine. Teenagers however are not encouraged to undergo a breast reduction, or any cosmetic surgery, while there are still psychically and emotionally maturing.